Schütte und Partner - Beratende Ingenieure im Bauwesen
Expert reports are necessary: to ascertain inadequate performance of the workings, to avoid mistakes and building defects, or for taking evidence in court.

Whether it's a residential, industrial or transportation building...

- design planning, static checking or consulting...

- erection, structural diagnostics or demolition....

- either a standard project or a difficult technical challenge:

The greater the need for creative engineering knowledge and capability,

the more you need us.



The report lays down the proper processing of facts and circumstances as well as necessary measures to take or to be needed for a definite tendering.


Expert reports help preparing the implementation of a project and furthermore the ascertainment of improper or defective work. In addition the report makes you find out the benefit-cost ratio of your building project.

The sooner you involve an expert into your project the better it is, since often an expert is only called when some damage has already happened. The expert report describes the causes of damage as well as measures of rectification of defects. An impartial expert report also helps avoiding disputes in the run-up of discussions in court. In addition it helps ascertaining facts and evaluating the facts and circumstances.


Are you aware of the risks you take when buying a house?

Damp walls, poor building structure, botched building work due to "do-it-yourself-efforts" of the predecessor etc. can quickly spoil the joy of your new property or building.

Identification of defects are the order of business for us.

Buying or building a house is an important decision for you. You should definitely ask the advice of a professional when buying or building a house.


Kinds of reports:

- Private expertise,

- Expert’s survey for discussing a project,

- Expert witness for legal procedure.

 Services of experts:

- Damage prevention,

- Investigating causes of damage,

- Ascertainment of value.

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